Washington: Acknowledging that it was facing resource constraints in dealing with a number of conflicts around the world, US has said that it was looking up to emerging powers like India and China to play their roles in bringing about stability.
US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said the US had a number of global problems at hand, including its involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq as well as in Libya.
"These are challenging times. We're involved in two wars. We're in a NATO mission in Libya. We're confronting other threats from Iran and North Korea. We continue to be in a war on terrorism," Panetta said at the National Defense University where he and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made a joint public appearance.
He said increasing cyber attacks were another rising concern that the US is fighting off.
"We have rising powers, nations like China and India and Brazil, not to mention Russia, that we have to continue to look at in terms of their role in providing stability in the world. We are facing resource constrictions, budget constrictions now," he said in response to a question.
He said Washington will not have to choose between national security and fiscal responsibility, but pointed out that the US has "a special role" in the world.