Washington, Jan 11 (Agencies): The US Supreme Court refused to take up the question of President Barack Obama's citizenship on Monday, which a core group of skeptics continues to challenge despite presentation of his US birth certificate.

The Court, without comment, rejected the request by Orly Taitz, a California lawyer who has emerged as a leader of the ‘birther’ movement of mainly rightwing protesters who question where Obama was born.

She had asked the court to annul a federal judge's USD 20,000 penalty for filing a ‘frivolous lawsuit’ by her client, a US soldier who refused to deploy to Iraq because she viewed the commander in chief as illegitimate.

The US Constitution allows only ‘natural born’ Americans to be elected to the presidency. Obama was born on August 4, 1961 in the US state of Hawaii.

Judge Clay Land in the southeast state of Georgia determined in October 2009 that Taitz's pursuit of the case was breathtaking in its arrogance and borders on delusional and scolded her for expressing no contrition or regret regarding her misconduct.

In her petition before the Supreme Court, Taitz asked, "Is the whole nation de facto reduced to the level of slaves or serfs when one without valid vital records, without social security number of his own and without a valid long form of birth certificate is able to get in the position of President?"

Today, Taitz said she would not let the case rest. "I will file a motion for reconsideration," she said, adding that she has "evidence of highly suspicious activity in several federal courts."    

According to a survey early last year of 2,000 Republicans, 36 per cent said they believed Obama, the country's first African-American President, was not born in the United States.