Washington, Feb 9 (Agencies): The US, as part of a new military strategy, is seeking expanded military cooperation with India and a positive, cooperative relationship with China which are the world's, two rising powers.

A senior military official speaking on background said the Asia-Pacific will be of greater importance.

There may be a migration of US capabilities in the region. "That may not necessarily mean more troops, but the distribution may change," he said.

Advocating investing "new attention and resources in Southeast and South Asia" it said, "Leveraging our convening power, we will expand the scope and participation of multilateral exercises across the region."

At the same time the US will also "expand our military security cooperation, exchanges, and exercises with the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Pakistan, Indonesia, Singapore, and other states in Oceania."

The new strategy said, the US "seeks a positive, cooperative, and comprehensive relationship with China that welcomes it to take on a responsible leadership role."

"To support this, the Joint Force seeks a deeper military-to-military relationship with China to expand areas of mutual interest and benefit, improve understanding, reduce misperception, and prevent miscalculation."

The US, it said, "will promote common interests through China's cooperation in countering piracy and proliferation of WMD, and using its influence with North Korea to preserve stability on the Korean peninsula."

At the same time Washington "will continue to monitor carefully China's military developments and the implications those developments have on the military balance in the Taiwan Strait.