Washington: United States is seeking more information on the presence of the Pakistani Taliban in Syria, an official said. Psaki was responding to questions on the Pakistani Taliban revelation that its fighters drawn from various countries have joined the Syrian rebels against the President, Bashar Al-Assad's forces.
"We have seen that report and seeking more details," said Jen Psaki, State Department spokesperson, adding that the US was concerned about the presence of foreign fighters among the Syrian rebels.
"We've been very clear about our longstanding concerns over the influx of foreign fighters into Syria who seek to capitalise on the situation in Syria and foment violence for their own benefit," Psaki added.
The US is providing non-lethal military assistance to the Syrian rebels, with several lawmakers and a part of the administration contemplating advancing its assistance to it.
"The Pakistani Taliban has been designated as a Foreign Terrorist Organisation, has conducted numerous terrorist attacks in Pakistan.
The people of Pakistan have suffered greatly from terrorism, including at the hands of TTP (Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan). But beyond that, we're looking into the reports and determining the facts on the ground," Psaki said. United States, she said, will take a closer look when it has more information.


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