Washington: The US has urged all the parties in Pakistan's restive Balochistan to resolve their differences peacefully and politically.
"We encourage all the parties in Balochistan to work out their differences peacefully and through a valid political process," the State Department spokesperson, Victoria Nuland, told reporters at her daily news conference on Thursday.
She, however, noted that the resolution needs to be within the framework of Pakistan.
Answering a question on the Congressional hearing on Balochistan, Nuland said that the Obama Administration has nothing to do with it.
"We are aware of this hearing. As you know, the Congress holds hearings on many foreign affairs topics. These hearings don't necessarily imply that the US government endorses one view or another view.
"I underscore that the State Department is not participating or involved in this hearing today," she said.    

"We emphasise that the United States engages with Pakistan on a whole range of issues, including ways to foster economic development and expand opportunity in Balochistan," Nuland said.
Last month, Nuland had expressed concern over the ongoing violence in Balochistan and urged Pakistan to hold talks to resolve differences.
"The United States is deeply concerned about the ongoing violence in Balochistan, especially targeted killings, disappearances and other human rights abuses," she said in response to a question on her weekly Twitter briefing.
"This is a complex issue. We strongly believe that the best way forward is for all the parties to resolve their differences through peaceful dialogue," Nuland had said in response to a question on Balochistan received by the State Department on its multiple Twitter feed.
Noting that the US takes news reports of allegations of human rights violations abuses very seriously and has discussed them with Pakistan officials, Nuland urged Pakistan authorities to "really lead and conduct a dialogue that takes this issue forward."
Nuland's answer was in response to a question, from cadet1081 on its Urdu feed @USAUrdu.
"Pakistan is committing genocide of Baluch Nation. Why US does not intervene in Balochistan and make us get our freedom?" was the question.
Nuland had said she was responding to it as this was a "very popular" question on State Department's Twitter feeds.