The wedding will take place in Hawaii.

"Tomorrow is the big day! Tulsi will marry Abraham in a traditional Hindu Vedic ceremony," a status update on her official Facebook page said.

 "I know she would love to have invited every one of you to her wedding. But she wants you to join in the celebration - follow the wedding live by using #TulsiAbeWedding on your preferred social media platform! We hope you bless the couple with your warmest blessings," the post added.

Gabbard, 33, and fiance Williams, 26, a cinematographer, met on the campaign trail. Gabbard said that Williams volunteered to help out on the shoots for her campaign commercials.

"It wasn't until about a year after I was in office that he asked me out for the first time. It was a connection that was immediate and natural, but we didn't really see it before that point," she said.

Gabbard's father is of Samoan-European heritage and a practising Catholic who enjoys mantra meditation. Her mother is Caucasian and a practising Hindu. The senator embraced Hinduism as a teenager.


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