Washington: Five days after shrouding his name in the cloak of military secrecy, the American soldier who went on a shooting rampage killing 16 Afghan civilians, including nine children in villages in Kandahar was identified as Staff Sgt Robert Bales.
Bales, who arrived at a US military prison at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas from Kuwait after his arrest is a father of two children who underwent anger management counselling, a decade ago.
The soldier has been identified as Staff Sgt Robert Bales, a senior US official spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the investigation.
The US military has not named him officially. Pentagon says its policy is to wait until a soldier is charged. He faces possible criminal charges, Pentagon officials said.
"Bales is a 38-year-old staff sergeant, husband, father of two young children and a veteran who was in the midst of his fourth tour in a war zone. John Henry Browne, a defence attorney from Seattle, confirmed his client's identity,".
Browne said the sergeant, now living in Washington, has two children three and four. The sergeant's family says they saw no signs of aggression or anger. "They were totally shocked" by accounts of the massacre, Browne said. "He's never said anything antagonistic about Muslims. He's in general very mild-mannered," he said.

Browne, who said he has met with the family and talked with the suspect, cited a need to protect family members in declining to release the soldier's name.