New Delhi: In a blow to Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, the United States has reportedly said that it will not issue visa to the CM till he is cleared by Indian courts in 2002 Gujarat riots.

While speaking to a TV channel, US Assistant Secretary for South and Central Asian Affairs, Robert Blake, said that his government had not yet changed its visa policy on Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi. He added that until Modi is cleared by court of law, no change in visa policy with regard to the Chief Minister will be considered.

The US denying any change in its policy is a major setback for the Chief Minister who elevation in his party BJP as its prime ministerial candidate is seen as a foregone conclusion.

Earlier, European Union had ended over a decade-old boycott of Modi who had conveyed to the EU envoys that the 2002 riots in Gujarat were unfortunate.

Modi had taken the unusual step of driving to Germany embassy in the national capital to a luncheon meeting with envoys and representatives of several European Union member countries that was hosted by German Ambassador Michael Steiner. The meeting remained undisclosed for one month till EU Ambassador Joao Cravinho went public earlier this month.

Steiner had revealed to the reporters that he had always maintained that Germany had no intention of interfering in Gujarat Assembly elections and that it will take a "fresh look" after the election results.


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