Chicago: A 22-year-old student from US has been named as the world's shortest living woman by the Guinness World Records.
Bridgette Jordan, who stands at 2 feet 3 inches, holds the record for the shortest living siblings along with her 20-year-old brother Brad Jordan, who measures 3 feet 3 inches, according to a TV Channel News.
Recently, the Guinness World Records announced new records holders for the 'Shortest Living Woman' and 'Shortest Living Siblings' on the heels of the Guinness World Records 2012 Edition release.
The siblings have Majewski osteodysplastic primordial dwarfism type II.
Both Bridgette and Brad study at Kaskasia College in central Illinois. While Brad's hobbies include karate, gymnastics, playing basketball and performing magic tricks, Bridgette enjoys dancing and cheerleading.
"I believe that everyone should be confident in themselves," Bridgette was quoted as saying by a news channel.   

Other short woman record holders include Elif Kocaman from Kadirli, Turkey, who measured 28.5 inches tall, and an Indian 17-year-old Jyoti Amge, a Nagpur resident, the current shortest female teenager, who measures just 2 feet tall.