Washington: United States said it supports the reconciliation efforts with the Taliban by the Afghan President Hamid Karzai.

"We want to see an Afghan to Afghan talks go forward. So, we are supportive of President Karzai's efforts," the State Department spokesman, Mark Toner said on Wednesday.

The US, he said, is consulting with the Karzai government throughout this process.

However, he said, there has been no change in the red line for talks with the Taliban.

 "We've been very clear about our red lines and, indeed, the Afghan Government's redlines for those Taliban who would participate in any reconciliation process," he said.

"So the groups that we're talking about, that the Secretary raised her concerns about operating in Pakistan, are very clearly not part of this process and not interested.

They're carrying out violent attacks against Afghans and also international entities in Afghanistan," Toner added.