Mumbai: Taking on the US authorities for detaining Shahrukh Khan at a New York airport for over two hours, fellow actor Irrfan Khan on Friday said their system is "not foolproof".

"Even our president had been stopped, and so was I at the immigration several times in the US at the airport. So whenever I go to the US I always think they will again stop me this time," Irrfan told reporters here.

Explaining the security check one has to go through in the US, the actor said, "Whenever you cross immigration counter and give your passport, they ask your purpose of visit. And then they suddenly check something on computer and then their perception changes".

"They take away your phone, you are not allowed to call anyone or talk to anyone. They call the police and take you to a room and (you) can't question them as to why they are taking you and where. When all verification process is properly done by them and they are satisfied, they let you go," he said.

Referring to Shahrukh's detention, Irrfan said, "This is ignorance on their part. Their system is not full proof."