Washington (Agencies): The United States will keep trying to engage Myanmar's government despite disappointment over deals during the past year with that country's military rulers, a senior official said.

Assistant Secretary of State Kurt Campbell said, however, it was premature to lift sanctions against Myanmar as sought by its Southeast Asian neighbouring countries and some governments in Europe.

Recently, Myanmar convened a Parliament to lead a new government, still dominated by the military after the first elections in 20 years in Myanmar. The polls, boycotted by the Democracy Party of Aung San Suu Kyi, were broadly seen as perpetuating military rule.

Campbell, the top US diplomat for East Asia, repeated the US view that the elections were "fatally flawed."

He said Suu Kyi's party still is outlawed, a vast majority of political prisoners had not been set free, and Myanmar had flouted UN Security Council resolutions through weapons proliferation that threaten regional stability.

"We will be watching carefully and closely for positive signs but also stand ready to take steps should there be a continuation of negative trends," Campbell said.

In a break from the previous US policy of isolation, the Obama administration has sent senior diplomats to meet with Myanmar government officials, as it has forwarded its engagement with Southeast Asia to counter the growing clout of China, a principal Myanmar ally.