Washington, Jan 11 (Agencies): The United States said that it would continue to push for economic reforms in Pakistan, notwithstanding the rollback of petroleum prices by the Gilani Government which Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had termed as a mistake.

"We have made our views clear to Pakistan on the importance of these economic reforms, plural. We will continue to do so," US State Department spokesman PJ Crowley said.

Crowley said a stable civilian Government supported by the people of Pakistan is essential to be able to carry out the strategy that they have worked out together.

"There is no question that economics is a very important dimension of boosting Pakistan. It not only has to have a viable economy, but it has to have access to markets,” he further added.

Crowley, however, denied reports that the Obama Administration is planning another set of fresh aid to Pakistan as was reported by a newspaper here last week.

Crowley further said that over last two years, civilian assistance to Pakistan was tripled to USD 1.5 billion a year, and that is a substantial amount of money.

However, when asked about more military and economic support to Islamabad, Crowley said that he was not aware of any plan change to that.