New Delhi: In a bid to track perpetrators precisely, the US intelligence agencies are developing a technique which will enable them to locate the place where photo is taken.

The American intelligence will use this software to hunt down those terrorists who are hiding as it will help them to know the whereabouts of terrorists and in turn they will deploy personnel in that specific area.

This software can also bring major changes in the technology to target terrorists by the CIA and other intelligence agencies. The secret work is being handled by the Intelligence Advance Research Programme Agency (IARPA).

The Automatic Tracking System (ATS) will easily help in finding out terror outfits like al-Qaeda and Taliban. The scientists are making back-breaking efforts to develop this software and studying all aspects of a photograph along with its background.

However, the new software will be faster which will find points in the photo and search entire database. The IARPA said the technology will not be available before 2016.