Washington: The US and its allies have renewed their effort to get a tougher resolution on Syria pass through the UN Security Council, weeks after a similar effort was vetoed by Russia and China, but has not reached a stage to propose a draft for the same, a US official has said.

"We are exploring with Russia, with China, with other Security Council members what we might be able to do, but we are not at the stage of having a consensual draft. So we need to see where we are," State Department spokesperson, Victoria Nuland told reporters.

The US, she said, is open to exploring a new Security Council resolution if it thinks that it can do some good for the people of Syria.

"You know our view that the regime bears the vast lion's share of responsibility for the violence, that it is the regime that needs to silence its guns first before those defending their homes can be expected to do so," she said.

Nuland expressed hope that with the presidential elections over in Russia, Moscow would be able to work fresh on this issue.

"Our hope is that now that these elections are behind them, that they will join all of us in doing more to push for humanitarian relief for the people of Homs and the people throughout Syria who are suffering at the hands of the regime," she said.

"There was some sense that senior leadership in Russia might have been preoccupied in the week or two before the election and not have had the same kind of attention to pay to Syria that we have had, and that now they might," she said in response to a question.

"Our point is simply that we will continue to work with Russia to see what we can do to alleviate the humanitarian suffering in Syria, because we think it's a place where we ought to have common interest," Nuland said.