The long-overdue document will be released by National Security Advisor Susan Rice with a speech at the Brookings Institution tomorrow, the White House said on Thursday.
Counter-terrorism experts are hoping the document will outline a robust, multipronged approach to fighting the Islamic State.
The strategy will outline the US President's foreign policy vision and priorities for the US citizens and Congress and will communicate America's priorities to its allies around the world.
The Obama Administration had last released its National Security Strategy in May 2010.
The new doctrine will come several days after a top US intelligence official told Congress that the country's security challenges are more diverse and complex than any nation has ever experienced.
Lawmakers have been expecting the new policy document for more than a year, but the rise of the Islamic State and its murderous march through Iraq last year forced the National Security Council staff back to the drawing board and repeatedly delayed is release.
Congress also expected it to reflect the controversy over Edward Snowden's disclosures of the National Security Agency's mass surveillance practices, as well as concerns about the administration's use of drones to kill terrorist suspects in Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen, Washington Examiner reported.
In its 2010 National Security Strategy, the White House had said the US and India are building a strategic partnership that is underpinned by their shared interests, shared values as the world's two largest democracies, and close connections among the people.
"India's responsible advancement serves as a positive example for developing nations, and provides an opportunity for increased economic, scientific, environmental, and security partnership," it had said.
"Working together through our Strategic Dialogue and high-level visits, we seek a broad-based relationship in which India contributes to global counter terrorism efforts, nonproliferation, and helps promote poverty-reduction, education, health, and sustainable agriculture," it said.

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