Washington: Making its strategy clear on containing terrorism, US has said it was "frustrating" to deal with Pakistan on "many levels", while affirming that America will continue to "pound" al-Qaeda to prevent any future terror attack on the country.
"Quite frankly, at the end of the day the (US) President is going to do what he has to do, unilaterally. He will always protect that prerogative to protect the security of the American people and our interests," Assistant Secretary of Defence for Special Operations/Low-Intensity Conflict, Michael Sheehan said.
Speaking at a Congressional hearing, Sheehan termed it "frustrating" to deal with the Pakistani government "on so many levels", but expressed optimism that both the countries will be able to work together and find some common interests.
"I remain somewhat optimistic, even with all the extent of these problems that we're going to continue to pound al-Qaeda so that they can't attack us".
Pointing towards media reports on "new parliamentary decisions" in Pakistan, Sheehan said the decisions were going to "further complicate" the prospects of joint efforts by both the countries.
However, Sheehan made it clear that US has no other option but to work together with Pakistan.
"I would say this, that we have no choice but to work together, and I think we will," he said, adding that despite possible "ups and downs" in the near future, both the countries will continue with their efforts.
Sheehan said "right now their priorities are right where the enemy is, in the Pakistan-Afghan border area, in Yemen, and increasingly in Africa" and US can face an "intelligence challenge" to stay ahead of the terrorists and make sure to "crush" its enemies before they strike.