"Now we want to hasten the emergence of an Asian-Pacific order that delivers security and prosperity for all the nations involved," he said. "In short, we want to help lead in creating the 21st century rules of the road that will benefit not only the United States and the region but the world as a whole," he said.

The lifeblood of the region is economic development, but growth has slowed in India, China, in many places in Asia, and each country faces distinct and different challenge, he said. "To spark new growth, there has to be fewer barriers at and behind our borders, protections for intellectual property to reward innovation, new commitments to make sure everyone plays by the same rules because that's what attracts investment and jobs," he added.

Biden said economically and strategically, it's clear why the United States had to rebalance, to direct more resources and attention toward the Asia-Pacific region. "Because imagine what could happen if growing Asia-Pacific middle classes help lift the global economy even more than they already are, if nations reject the temptations of zero-sum thinking and rise peacefully together," he said.

The Vice President said the American rebalance towards Asia Pacific was not at the expense of its European allies. "Europe remains the cornerstone of our engagement with the rest of the world. That is a fact. We're not going anywhere," Biden said, adding that the US was absolutely convinced that its engagement in the Pacific was in self-interest of Europe.

Biden said it was overwhelmingly in the interest of the US if the economy of the world continues to grow. "This is not a zero-sum game. It's overwhelmingly in our interest that India continues to grow. It's overwhelmingly in our interest that China grows. It's overwhelmingly in our interest that the world economy grows because we believe Asia's success is fundamentally linked to ours," Biden said.

"The president and I are going to continue to reach across the ocean, both east and west, particularly to the indispensable Pacific nations, to help us shape a prosperous future for America, for their people and, I would argue, for the world," he said.


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