"We welcome reports that Muslim community leaders and clerics in India have condemned ISIL (also known as Islamic state (IS) and ISIS)," State Department spokesperson Helaena White said.
Such a message coming from Muslims of India, which has the second largest Muslim population of the world, is considered by the US a key message against ISIS which in recent months has made deep inroads not only in the Middle-East but also expanding its influence in South Asia.
"We value efforts to counter ISIL's message, particularly raising awareness of the detrimental effects ISIL recruitment efforts have on youth," White said yesterday.
"We welcome statements from religious and political leaders around the world denouncing ISIL and exposing its un-Islamic nature, and encourage further sustained outreach to vulnerable populations," White added.
Over 1,050 Indian Muslim scholars and clerics have issued the fatwa against the ISIS, saying that its views were "un-Islamic and inhuman."

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