Colombo: The US has said that it is in touch with India over efforts to resolve the political crisis in Maldives and wants to see the archipelago nation progress towards holding elections.
Valerie Fowler, the US charge d'affaires resident here, said the US had been in touch with Foreign Secretary Ranjan Mathai in New Delhi and High Commissioner D M Mulay in Male, according to a statement posted on the American embassy website. The US is working with India and other international partners to see Maldives progress towards holding elections, the American official said.
"We understand the work of UN Mediator Pierre Yves Monette has been productive in helping to create an environment of constructive dialogue by all sides. The Commonwealth will have an important role to play in the months ahead.
"Assistant Secretary Bob Blake has been in regular contact with Special Envoy Sir Donald McKinnon, and we expect to work closely with the Commonwealth, both in terms of policy and technical support, to help Maldives work through the current situation to elections," the official said.
Political crisis in Maldives

A nascent democracy, Maldives was thrown into political crisis when its first democratically-elected President Mohamed Nasheed was ousted from power, in what he claimed was a coup.
His then deputy, Mohamed Waheed Hassan, took the reins of the government denying claims of a coup. Nasheed's Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), on the other hand, has called for early elections to end the present impasse.
Under an India-brokered deal, the two sides had agreed for an early election but the roadmap has not been yet decided.