London: Here are immediate reactions from Jamaican winner Usain Bolt and his rivals after the fastest ever Olympic 100-metres men's final on Sunday.

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Medal Tally Of London Olympics 2012

Usain Bolt (1st, 9.63 seconds)

"Some of you guys doubted me. Just had to show the world I was the greatest. It means I'm one step closer to being a legend. I have the 200 (metres) to go.

"I just wanted to make Jamaica proud. I hope they were all standing up singing the national anthem."

On the final: "For everybody who was in this race tonight, the four other fastest guys in the world, it was a real honour for me.

"I was happy. When I went out in the first run, I felt 'I can do this'."

"I was slightly worried about my start, I didn't want to false start again. So I think I sat in the blocks a little bit, I don't think it was the best reaction in the world, but I executed and that was the key.

"My coach said stop worrying about your start, the best of your race is at the end, that's where you rule. So I stopped worrying about the start and I executed, so it worked."

Bolt on Jamaica's Yohan Blake

"In training he always works hard and pushes me. I knew what I needed to do but I think he will do better next time. He is a major talent. He beat almost everybody and I know he will be more confident and do better next time."

"The trials woke me up (Bolt was beaten by Blake in both the 100 metres and 200). Yohan gave me a wake-up call. He knocked on my door and said 'Usain this is the Olympic year, wake up'. After that I refocused and got my head together."

Yohan Blake (2nd, 9.75)

"Usain knows what it takes, he is a world beater and he is the fastest man in the world. But I got a medal in my first Olympic Games and a lot of that is down to Usain and our coach.

"I'm not disappointed. Some you win, some you lose. If you can come to the Olympic Games and leave with a medal then that is alright.

"He (Bolt) is the fastest man in the world and I've got a silver medal. What more can I ask for?

"To be the second-fastest man in the world behind Bolt is an honour."

Justin Gatlin (3rd, 9.79)

"Bolt's a fast guy. He's out there. We have to try and be faster.

"A lot of people on Twitter and Facebook think that I'm the bad guy but I'm not and I had to prove that tonight. I remember last year I couldn't even be here, but to be part of this race for me is just incredible. I just wanted to be on that podium. I saw a lot of people with the U.S. flag, they were there for us, and I wanted to be there for them."

Tyson Gay (4th 9.80)

"I tried man. I tried my best. I just came up short.

"It's tough but I have no excuses. I gave my all. Everybody came together and made me the best I can be."

On meeting Bolt again in the 200 metres: "I am going to try. I just want to be in the final with him and try to go."

Churandy Martina (6th, 9.94)

"I'm very pleased with the way I ran. Obviously Usain was expected to win and he did win, but I don't have a problem with that. I've known him for 10 years. He's running faster than he did then, but then so am I."  

Richard Thompson (7th, 9.98)

"He's an unbelievable sprinter (Bolt). The entire world says he's unbeatable and right now he is."

Asafa Powell (8th, 11.99)

"I injured myself, I just couldn't push. I tried in the semi-final to release the tension. I got out very well and stumbled. I am very disappointed, I knew I would be up there with the medals. I need to fix this (groin injury). I knew they were ready from the semi-final (Bolt and Blake). I knew it was going to be a Jamaica one-two."


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