Washington: The increasing military ties between US and Australia is not aimed at China or any other nation but to meet Washington's commitments to its allies in the Asia-Pacific region, the Pentagon has said.

"It's not about China, the message isn't for China," Pentagon Press Secretary, George Little said on Wdnesday while responding to questions about the US-Australia military ties.

"I think the clear message that the (US) President and the (Defense) Secretary have delivered is that the Asia-Pacific region is important for our security interests, and not just our security interests, but our economic and political interests, and that the United States is in the Asia-Pacific region to stay," Little told reporters at a news conference here.

 Obama had signed an agreement yesterday to expand American military presence in Australia, and asserted that it was a commitment to entire Asia Pacific region.

The particulars of how the US is going to engage with its partners in the region haven't been worked out yet, particularly in the context of the budget, Little said.

"This is about our commitment to the region and to allies and partners throughout the Asia-Pacific and our commitment to that part of the world," the Pentagon spokesman, Navy Capt John Kirby, said.

"No specific nation needs to see this as a threat.

"This is about meeting our commitments to partners in the region," he reiterated in response to a question.

The US Defense Secretary, Leon Panetta, has said that the US is going to engage in a strategy-driven process to identify savings in the defense budget.

 "We think it will be completed soon. And then from there he'll look at particular cuts that may or may not be made," he said.

 "So we have a ways to go here, but the message should be loud and clear, and that is that we will remain a Pacific power," Little asserted.