Citing two unnamed people familiar with flows into Najib's accounts and a person familiar with one overseas investigation, the report said that more than USD 1 billion was deposited from 2011 to 2013, far more than the USD 681 million earlier identified.

The paper said global investigators believe much of the USD 1 billion originated with the state fund, known as 1MDB, but did not specify where the extra money came from or what happened to it. The report contradicts a conclusion reached recently by Malaysia's chief law officer.

Attorney-General Mohamed Apandi Ali cleared Najib in January of any corruption or criminal offences, saying the USD 681 million transferred into Najib's account was a gift from a member of Saudi Arabia's royal family and that most of it was returned.

The prime minister's office had no immediate comment, a spokesman said when contacted by Reuters.
Najib has been buffeted for months by allegations of graft and financial mismanagement at debt-burdened 1MDB and in particular by revelations of the transfer of around USD 681 million into his account in 2013.


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