New Delhi: Use of BlackBerry phones to instigate violence in London has set alarming bells for the security agencies in India.
Already grappling with internal and external security threats, the pressure of monitoring the BlackBerry services has increased manifold on the Department of Telecommunications.

According to a senior official in the Intelligence Bureau, nearly 11 lakh people in India use such kind of high end mobile phones which cannot be monitored by any of the security agencies. “This can pose a major threat to India’s security as it can be used by anti-national outfits to disrupt the law and order situation,” said the official.

However, following the complaints by the Intelligence agencies, the Ministry of Home Affairs in July 2010 contacted the Canada based-Research in Motion (RIM).

Even though the general e-mails sent by the phone were brought under the purview of the agencies but the BlackBerry messenger and BlackBerry enterprise solution service is still not under the jurisdiction of Intelligence agencies.

Meanwhile, it is worth noticing that the report submitted by the Standing Parliamentary Committee has pulled up the DoT for its laxity in this case.

The report submitted in the ongoing Parliament session at the information technical level mentions that the department gave breather to RIM many times.

Notices were issued to RIM thrice but deadlines were extended every time. The department did not initiate any action when RIM did not do anything as per the notice and just constituted a committee to mull over encryption.