Patna: The Right to Information (RTI) Act which was initiated by the government to curb irregularities and ensure transparency in the public department is now being used for several interesting purposes in Bihar. In first of its kind, RTI Act is being extensively used by the bride and groom for seeking all possible information about each other and their families before tying the nuptial knot.

The increasing fraudulence and divorce culture is propelling both the parties to clarify their doubts and avail genuine information from the government departments.

“What is the salary or position of the groom in the department or what is the age of the bride” are some of the interesting queries being largely asked by the RTI applicants.

One RTI application by the family of groom wanted to verify the actual age of the groom. The RTI application states, “Since the bride’s age appears more so kindly provide information whether the girl is a divorcee or not.”

Likewise, both the parties also seek educational and professional information of their would-be.

RTI is becoming a common phenomenon for the families desiring to tie their loved ones in a nuptial knot. It is moreover, becoming the easiest and secure mode of seeking correct information and that too certified by the government on a mere charge of Rs 10.