Jammu:  After doing away with the word ‘Jammu’ in administrative services, various government departments have also stopped using this word much to the dismay of the MLAs. The government departments are instead using Kashmir in their official workings.

Recently the industrial department of the state in a letter used the word ‘Kashmir government’ at several places instead of using Jammu and Kashmir. Miffed over the incident, Harsh Dev Singh, leader of the Panthers Legislature Party said, “First the government services were renamed as Kashmir Administrative services, Kashmir Police service, and Kashmir Judicial service which is a sheer neglect of the Jammu region”.

During the discussion over grant to the Industrial department, he said, “In the letter received from the industrial department it has been mentioned that the ‘Kashmir government’s emporiums are located in cities like Chandigarh, Jaipur, Goa, Mumbai, Lucknow, New Delhi, Kolkata etc.’ Deleting the word ‘Jammu’ from the departments official address shows the  Kashmir centric ideology of the government.”

Harshdev was supported by various MLAs of Jammu region. Deputy speaker Sartaj Madni also backed Harsh Dev and said that all government departments should use Jammu and Kasmir in their official addresses.