Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is free to claim that his government has been able to curb corruption but the reality is far from such claims. The country has witnessed a string of scams during his regime especially the irregularities and embezzlement of funds in the name of preparation for 2010 Commonwealth Games and many others. How can a government make such claims that it has been successful in curbing corruption in time under which many serious corruption cases like 2G spectrum, Adarsh Society Scam and controversial Antrix-Devas deal have surfaced and despite making tall promises it could not pass the much awaited Lokpal law? The dispensation at the Centre must be aware of the fact that surfacing of such scams has badly tarnished the image of the nation in the eyes of the world community and it is being said that the government of India could not check corruption. International agencies on many occasions conducted surveys to prove that India is one of the most corrupt nations in the world. The protests launched by Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev and the government’s arrogance in response to the movements further caused a lot of embarrassment for the government over fighting corruption. Whatsoever be the government’s claims on this front, but the present regime is no doubt being spotted as one which is hesitant in acting against corruption. Such blots on its image could not be expunged by mere making statements. After all, it is the same government against which the Supreme Court passed strictures over the issue of black money. A white paper on blackmoney was brought in the Parliament for mere name sake. The paper no way reflects that the government is serious on curbing the system of blackmoney. When the government’s intentions are questioned over the issue, the government has been found saying- should we send army to bring back the blackmoney form the foreign banks?

The Prime Minster claims that Right to Information (RTI) act is a strong initiative of the government to fight corruption. No doubt the act has empowered the common man, but it has a limitation in curbing acts of corruption. Moreover, it is also a fact that the act came in the first innings of the UPA government. In its second tenure, UPA government has tabled some of the bills aimed at combating corruption, but until they are passed to become a law, it makes no sense in mentioning the bills as the government’s achievements. Nobody is going to question the statement of the Prime Minister that he has maintained probity and honesty in his personal life, but it is hard to believe that he has honestly tried to drive the system on the path of honesty. If any such effort had been made, the country would not have been witnessing so many scams one after another. It will be nice if he realizes that common people are also squirming due to rampant corruption in the system. They are confronting corruption on every front whether it be a case of applying for ration card, driving license, railway ticket and passport, common folk has to face a lot of difficulties but our policy makers are unaware of the people’s problems because they don’t have to face these things. Though he is aware of the fact that illegal deals are still going on in big contracts, but the problem is that he is not ready to check such practices.