"You learn a lot when you work on a big project like 'Uttama Villain'. You learn about others, you learn about human relations and its importance in the process of filmmaking. At the end of this journey, I think I've not only become a better technician, but I've become a better human being too," Aravind said.

The film, which is about the life of a superstar with and without a mask, releases worldwide on Friday."The film is about the feelings of a superstar; his journey and emotions. It shows that there could be an Uttaman (respectable man) in a villain and vice versa too," he said.

Ramesh and Kamal were supposed to team up soon after the former's 2005 Kannada directorial "Rama Shama Bhama"."Kamal and I were to collaborate for a Hindi project which never got materialised. We also planned to do a Tamil film, but things just didn't fall in place. Meanwhile, I got busy with my commitments in Kannada industry. In March 2013, Kamal asked me to direct this script," he said.

For fans of Haasan, it has been a long wait for the film. But Aravind is confident about the output."It took time because of the many layers involved in the narration. When I saw the first copy, I felt all the layers overlapped nicely. And the output that audiences are going to experience on the big screen, I must say, is going to be great," he said.


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