Lucknow: Already under fire for police action against Bhatta-Parsaul farmers, the Uttar Pradesh government now does not want to see congregation of farmers anywhere in Noida.

The state government has decided not to give permission to AICC general secretary Rahul Gandhi for forming a ‘Kisan Panchayat’ in third week of this month at Noida.

The UP government took this decision in its confidential report which it is yet to make public.

However, Special Inspector General (Law and Order) Brijlal and Home Secretary Deepak Kumar said that they had no information on ‘Kisan Panchayat’ by Gandhi.

“We have not received any request letter from the Congress to host any Panchayat. The administration will decide after the letter is received,” they said.

Officials said that district administration gives its approval only after analysing its impact on the people. They further stated that the administration has no role to play in the issue.

Meanwhile, state agriculture minister Laxmi Narayan Singh, Minister for Rural Engineering Thakur Jaiveer Singh and BSP MP Surendra Naagar reached Noida on Tuesday and provided a financial relief Rs 48 lakh to 84 aggrieved farmers.

They provided Rs 5 lakh each to two families of deceased and Rs 2 lakh each to seriously injured farmers and Rs 25, 000 to each  farmer.

Naagar from his side gave Rs 5 lakh to each of family member of deceased farmers and Rs 1 lakh each to the injured.