Lucknow: At a time, when the nation has come up with tougher laws and strict punishment for sexual crimes, a panchayat in Uttar Pradesh has come up with one of the most strange punishments for a rape-accused. The Madha Habibpur village Panchayat in Aligarh let a youth get away with five shoe blows, after he was accused of trying to rape a woman.

The matter was later referred to the police by the distraught father of the victim on whom, the rape attempt was made and the police lodged a first information report (FIR) against the accused.

The police said that the accused sexually assaulted the young woman after barging into her house on Monday. When the matter was brought to the notice of the village Panchayat, they held a meeting and decided ‘not to take the matter further’ as they feared it would bring a bad name to the village.

They asked the girl’s family to hit the accused five times with shoes and let him go. While the family surrendered to the wishes of the village Panchayat then, they later lodged a complaint with the police.

"A case has been registered against the accused and we are trying to arrest him," a police official said and added that the law will take its own course in the matter and termed the Panchayat's decision illegal.


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