Lucknow: Buoyed by the results of a pilot project which offered a day off each week to constables and sub-inspectors, Uttar Pradesh Police decided to implement the scheme across the state, officials said on Thursday.

The scheme was started on trial basis at Gomtinagar police station on May 31. The first week of the implementation of the scheme has brought "tremendous change in the system", officials said on Thursday.

The decision to offer a day off each week to policemen across the state was taken after "happy feedback" was received from the families of the cops who got such respite for the first time in their service.

On the instructions of Director General of Police (DGP) Devraj Nagar, police chiefs of Varanasi and Gorakhpur have been asked to implement the scheme in their districts too.

Officials conceded that they had never thought of a day off for policemen until Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG), Lucknow, Navneet Sikera first came up with the idea. Happy that his proposal has found such all-round acceptance, Sikera said the "sole objective was to bring the cops close to their families, allow them to spend quality time with them, to encourage them to work with greater efficiency".

He said it was a good feeling that this simple measure was working well. Sources say the top brass of the police force gave the go-ahead for this scheme to be implemented in a phased manner across the state.

District police chiefs have been sounded out on it. Spiralling rate of crime and crunch of staffs in police will however continue to create hurdles, officials admit, adding that these problems were also being addressed.

Constables and sub-inspectors in Uttar Pradesh were allowed 30 days off as casual leave and 30 days of earned leave each year. They were not allowed a day off each week.

Stress levels were thus found to be very high among policemen. This was seen as the cause of their erratic and abusive behaviour while dealing with the people.

Uttar Pradesh has the largest police force in the world working under single command.


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