Muzaffarnagar: Despite sitting on the helm of Uttar Pradesh with the support of Dalit population, Chief Minister Mayawati has failed  to safeguard them from the rising atrocities, as UP is reported to be on top of crime against Dalits.

According to the National Crime Bureau Records (NCRB), Uttar Pradesh has registered sharp increase of 19.2 percent in the crime against Dalit followed by Rajasthan with 15.20 percent and Andhra Pradesh with 13.20 percent respectively.

The recent spate in the number of brutalities against Dalits (Scheduled caste) in Uttar Pradesh contradict the tall claims of Dalit icon Mayawati to curb the crime rate in the state.

As per the reports, out of the 6,272 cases 229 murder, 311 rape, 248 abduction cases have been registered including 5,484 other crimes gainst Dalits.

Besides, Bihar reported 10.70 percent, Karnataka 10.30 percent and Maharashtra 7.70 percent atrocities against Dalits.