There has been an encouraging rise in tiger population in Uttarakhand. It has risen from 227 to 340 since the last census. This is all the more creditable given the fact that the hill state has just one tiger reserve, Director Corbett Tiger Reserve Samir Sinha said.
There was a time when Madhya Pradesh had the highest tiger population in the country but then it had six tiger reserves, he said.

Uttarakhand is now second only to Karnataka in terms of tiger population. Karnataka figures at the top of the list with 406 tigers, he said.

As per the latest census, Corbett Tiger Reserve has also improved its position on conservation assessment trajectory going up from good to very good, the official said.

According to the latest census report released on Tuesday, the tiger population in the country is estimated to be around 2,226, a rise of over 30 percent since the last count in 2010.

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