Dehradun: With Gandhian Anna Hazare generating an overwhelming response from all parts of the country, political parties have been quick to make efforts to cash in on the golden issue. While the BJP has supported Anna’s campaign from the initial stage in Uttarakhand, the public outrage on the issue prompted the Congress to join the bandwagon.

With assembly polls in the state stipulated for 2012, both the leading parties are aiming to give a place to anti corruption measures and Anna Hazare in their election manifestoes.

Both the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party and the Congress are busy preparing their election manifestos. If the BJP includes the issue of fight corruption in its manifesto, the Congress will be bound to highlight the same in their pre-poll promise.

Anna agitation has sent a clear message to the political parties in the entire nation that corruption is going to be the main issue in coming polls.  
Therefore, party strategists have started thinking on how to project the crystal image of their political outfit and politicians.