New Delhi: Uttarakhand Chief Minister Vijay Bahuguna has posed serious questions over ongoing agitation against proposed power projects in the state.

Irked over dilly –dallying on the upcoming projects in the state Bahuguna in a Press conference said that whereas saint community of the state is in favour of starting the projects ,a section of people living outside the state have taken up cudgels against the state government's move.

Underlining the fact there is a similarity between ongoing agitation against the nuclear projects in Southern states and hydro power projects in Uttarakhand Bahuguna said that there is a need of looking into the matter seriously.

While promising the people that uninterrupted flow of river Ganga will be maintained he appealed to Swami Sanad and other agitating saints to seek for solution of the issue in the better interest of the people of the state.

In a earlier meeting of Ganga River Basin Authority Bahuguna had said that stalling projects would result into a great loss to the state.

He also advocated for re-starting projects like Loharinag Pala,Pala Maneri and Bharonghati hydro power projects on Bhagirathi which have been kept in abeyance by the previous governments.

Bahugana rued over the fact that the ruling party has no intention of paying for the loss to the state.

He wondered as to why saints are intent upon stalling development projects only in Uttarakhand. He said that the state would be able to generate 27000 Megawatt of power after the completion of the project which is currently pegged at only 3600 Megawatt.’

He lamented that Uttarkhand would have proved itself as a storehouse of power for other states but unfortunately it has been unable to fulfill its own demands. He also rued over the fact that whereas power projects are being executed in all the states coming under the periphery of Himalaya why objections are being raised on Himachal projects.

Bahuguna said that state’s people have always sacrificed their interests for the sake of environment and they too have a right to reap the benefits of projects currently in pipeline in the state.

He asked the environment specialists to fix the standard of river water and asked Ganga River Basin Authority to make a surveillance through its own agency.

He also promised to stop production of electricity on religious occasions for a few hours but said that it would not serve the interests of the state if those projects are stalled which are almost on the verge of completion.

Bahguna also took exception to government’s move to declare 135 km extending from Gomukh to Uttarakashi as eco-sensitive.

He claimed that government’s norms are enough to regularize the development works in the area.

While terming the government’s move as depriving people of 118 villages and two towns benefits of the proposed projects he said that all political parties should come forward and oppose the move unitedly.