Dehradoon: The hazardous effects of climate change are becoming very much perceptible in ‘The Land of Gods’, Uttarakhand. The weather pattern and flora-fauna of this Himalayan region are witnessing an alarming change.

In some places, plants are rising to unusual heights whereas Cheer-trees are replacing Baanj. The flowers are blooming months before their time. Take ‘Burans’ for example, if it has to come in April, it came in Jan or Feb.

Talking about weather, the region which had rains throughout the weeks, it finishes in some hours now. Animals too are developing a different food habits.

Adding to these strange developments, elephants have also started eating Eucalyptus.

The speed with which the glaciers are melting, it would soon be difficult to save the vegetation of the region. Having all this in view, Bugyal of highlands, snow- leopard, Brown-beer, Kastura, Ghurar and many medicinal plants would be on the verge of extinction.

The State Action Plan which is being formed to look into the issue of climate change in the state has testified all these facts. The report on some sections is out and some of the Action Plan is yet to come.