Dehradun: Even though the programme to launch smart cards is in full swing in Haryana and many other states, the lackadaisical attitude of the Uttarakhand Transport Department has brought the project to a halt in the state. The Smart Card which looks like an ATM card contains a chip to store information regarding licenses etc.

The five-year-old project to make driving license, other certificates available through smart cards is now in deep waters, as it was delayed in the beginning due to some court hassles but now the department is crying over the lack of resources for the project.

The Central government’s e-governance scheme was supposed to be completed in collaboration with the National Informatics Centre (NIC).

In order to deal with lack of resources, the government has already given its nod on allowing user charge of Rs 20 on all applications for licenses and other purposes. Although the transport department is earning millions by implementation of user charge on all applicants, it is not obliging to the plan is difficult to understand.

The annual expenditure on machinery and printing is estimated at Rs 20 to Rs 25 lakhs.
According to the sources, the department has now changed its mind to make PVC cards instead. This card will be an ordinary card which will be provided in exchange of a driving license.

This proposal will be first presented before the District Transport Management Committee after that it will be sent to the State Management Committee which would include the Transport Commissioner, ATC and NIC members.  Then only the nod to print the cards will be given.