Dehradun: After living in the jaws of death for past many decades, the natives from Tairiya and Pand village near the Jim Corbett National Park have finally got a hearing from the state government. Owing to their perseverance and a string of protests, the State government has finally initiated the move to rehabilitate them in Tumriyaband area in Western division of Uttarakhand.

Making a significant move in this regard, the Uttarakhand government has sought recommendations from the Reserve authorities for the rehabilitation process. The villagers too have expressed their consent to shift to the identified areas.

Natives of Tairiya and Pand villages are neither secure in their houses nor in the farming fields as the wild animals and burglars are posing serious threats to their lives.

Despite the efforts in the past, their requests had fallen on deaf ears. Owing to the lackadaisical approach of the state government and local administration, the villagers were compelled to lead an unsafe life.

Last year, the state administration had sought suggestion from the park authorities. However, despite the recommendations of the park authorities, the issue was left in abeyance.