Dehradun: In the age of express-way which is an indicator of development, the Uttarakhand highways are not fitting for even a bullock cart. Leave aside four-lane, many highways of the state do not have even a two-way lane road.

According to the norms of Indian Road Congress (IRC), the highway routes of states should be at least two-lane road.

The state has 13 national highways which stretch to approximately 1300 km, out of which 512 km is two-lane, 863 km being single-lane and only 35 km stretch with four lane.

According to PWD’s assistant engineer for the highway unit, at least 4,000 vehicles ply each hour on the single lane highway routes. As per the IRC norms, the highway roads having such large traffic movement should be at least two-lane.

The two-lane national highway should be 12 metre in width, out of which 7 metres should be for the movement of vehicles. In Uttarakhand, maximum highways are merely 5.95 metre wide. In such case the vehicles get only 3.75 metre space of movement.

Risks of single-lane highway

The vehicles don’t get enough space while turning.

According to the road safety board, 50 percent accidents are due to less width.

There is problem in crossing two heavy vehicles simultaneously.

(JPN/ Bureau)