Dehradun: Taking cue from the other NDA-ruled states like Bihar and Madhya Pradesh, the Uttarakhand government is mulling over enacting the Right to Services Act in the hill state as well.

Right to Services Act provides for a time-bound delivery of services by government employees to the public. The Act would provide for penal action of officials who fail to deliver services on time.

The state government has asked its officials to study the Act enacted by other states. While Madhya Pradesh and Bihar have already enacted the law, other NDA-ruled states like Jharkhand and Punjab are in the process of doing so.

The state government intends to bring 75 important services under the ambit of the Services Act.

Regular services concerning the common man like issuing residential proof, domicile, dakhil kharij, caste certificate, would be covered under the Act. Presently, people are forced to run from pillar to post to get such papers issued due to red-tapism.

It is believed that the government may announce its intention of passing the Act on November 9, Uttarakhand Foundation Day.

The decision of the state government is being read by the political observers both as an Anna-effect as well as a political mind game as the Assembly elections in the state are only a few months away.

The proposed law aims to make government officials more accountable by making it compulsory for them to provide the services under the Act to the public within a set time frame.