Dehradun: With the assembly elections in the state just a few months away, all the major political parties in Uttarakhand seem to be reeling under turn-coat. Leaders in both the BJP and the Congress who are finding their political future in doldrums have already started hunting for alternative options.

It cannot be ruled out that the Uttarakhand Kranti Dal and the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) would also fall prey to the political heat generating in the state.

Where the ruling saffron party is leaving no stone unturned to win the upcoming elections, the opposition Congress is also banking on anti-incumbency factor to strengthen its vote bank. However, the issue like inflation and a spate of corruption cases at the Centre has put the Congress in the state on the backfoot.

Therefore, it’s very likely that both the parties would field new faces resulting into showing a red card to its sitting MLAs and those who stood second during the last elections.

The BJP has already started conducting different surveys in this regard, and if it starts acting on the basis of their results, then many MLAs will be denied tickets.

The picture is almost similar in the Congress where the leaders have already announced that the ticket allotment would be on the basis of results of the intra-party survey.

In such a scenario, the MLAs skeptical of getting party tickets have already started looking for other options. Even leaders unhappy with their status in the party are also looking for options.

The two sitting BSP MLAs have been suspended from the party and it is quite likely that they would be showed the exit gate soon.  

(JPN/ Bureau)