Haldwani: Soon, villagers of Uttrakhand living in forest areas will be able to carry out wide-scale farming of spices under the Central government’s ambitious plan with financial help of National Medicinal Plant Board (NMPB).

The pilot project has selected 82 forest panchayats of 2 districts, Almodha and Chameli, for 700 hectare farming. Work plan worth Rs 3.20 crore has been prepared for this.

Forest department claims that this decision will be a turning point for the development of forest panchayats.

As per pilot plan, spices herbs would be planted in 40 forest panchayats of Almoda and 42 of Chamoli.

Expenses of plantation and nursery care will be carried out by the Central government.

“If this plan succeeds, it will be expanded to other panchayats in the region. Kumaon and Garhwal are good markets for these spices,” an official of forest department said.