Both Vaghela and Modi hugged each other after the Prime Minister designate delivered an emotional farewell speech in a special Gujarat Assembly session but the Congress leader did not leave the opportunity to taunt Modi.

Invoking the contentious issues of Ram Temple, Kashmiri Pandits, Dawood Ibrahim and Uniform Civil Code (UCC), Vaghela said now Modi and the BJP cannot blame the Centre for anything since they are in majority in the Parliament now.

“You have the majority now. Go ahead and build the Ram temple. Rehabilitate the Kashmiri Pandits. You were always blaming the Centre for doing injustice to Gujarat. Now you are at the Centre. So release as many funds as you want,” Vaghela said.

“You were screaming, 'Bring back Dawood Ibrahim' all the time. Now you bring him back. I was an MP when Modi sought my help to visit Kailash. Even that Shankar (lord) told him to go back and bother the Shanker (Vaghela) below," he added.

Vaghela also brought into play the major bone for contention for Modi - 2002 Gujarat riots and compared the Prime Minister designate to the country’s former prime minister Morarji Desai.

"In 1927, Desai was a deputy collector of Godhra and he was transferred following riots in Godhra and then he resigned under the influence of Mahatma Gandhi. He later on became the Prime Minister,” Vaghela said.

“I don't want to bring up the 2002 Godhra incident but Modi also has connections with Godhra. He was a pracharak in Godhra. Modi too leapfrogged after Godhra," he added.

While mellowing down a bit, Vaghela also took the opportunity to praise Modi and credited him for the BJP’s monumental rise in Indian politics from just two seats in 1984 to 282 seats in 2014.

“Our CM is becoming the PM. Naturally, everyone is happy,” Vaghela said.

“In 1984, it was two seats for the BJP, now it is 282 and the credit goes to Narendra bhai. People have voted for you with immense expectations. You will not be the PM of BJP but the PM of entire India," he added.


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