"People have staged a silent democratic revolution. They have taught a lesson to the Hindutva forces and the Modi government which has been supporting them," Vaiko said.
Charging NDA government with acting for the interests of domestic and international corporates, Vaiko said AAP's victory showed that democracy crowns common man, with people
'rejecting' the BJP government in just eight months of its existence.
"The Narendra Modi government, which has lost the support of people, should step down. To further enhance the pride of Indian democracy, fresh elections should be held," he said while claiming that an "unusual situation" was prevailing in the country after the Emergency to back his demand for fresh polls.
Slamming the Hindutva forces for their activities including efforts to establish temples of Nathuram Godse, assassin of Mahatma Gandhi, he said that continuation of the
BJP government will result in fascism.
In a statement here, Vaiko, whose party was a former ally of BJP, urged all progressive democratic forces to join hands to unseat the Modi government.

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