Mumbai: She's someone every man would like to marry. But like most girls, actor Jacqueline Fernandez has some parameters for her dream man, which banishes all metrosexual men. In a fun filled interview, Mid-day talks to Jackie about five stereotypical men, and shares her views on them.

Mamma's boy

No, I don't think I would be okay with that. While I understand that it's important for each one of us to care for our parents and their needs, I don't like the idea of being with a man who is under his mother's thumb. There is always a limit to how much you can tolerate that.  

Metrosexual man

Absolute no-no. It is even worse than a mamma's boy (laughs out loud). I hate guys who spend hours doing manicures and pedicures. And I can't imagine men waxing. Vanity is a women's prerogative, and it should stay that way. Vain men turn me off. My guy should have clean habits and basic sense of neatness.


The thought of my husband having a roving eye is unbearable to me. I would never entertain such kind of a man. I want a man's utmost attention. It hurts a woman's self-esteem when she knows that her husband finds other women more desirable than her. So, I definitely won't have him running after my pretty girlfriends.

Mr Miser

Now, I can live with someone who is stingy or frugal. I am an independent woman and can afford to lead a good lifestyle with my own money. I wouldn't have an issue if my guy doesn't spend on himself. The only thing is, he shouldn't tell me is how to spend my money. 

Courtesy: Mid-day.cpm