Nothing can be as polite, as generous and as apt as a rose to express love and gratitude to your loved ones. Every year ‘Rose Day’ marks the beginning of Valentine Week. Rose Day, which is celebrated by millions of people across the globe, is a perfect day to adore your friends, family members, lover or special ones with a special bunch of flowers. With bated breath, people wait for this special day to propose love of their life.

Red rose has always symbolised love and gratitude. As different colours of rose attribute to different emotions and feelings, we will hereby help you in finding perfect colour and right quantity for an ideal Rose Day for you.

What the colours say

Red Rose-Love

Red roses symbolises love, courage and respect. These traditional roses are given to those whom you want to show love and passion, people whom you have great respect for, and those who have shown great courage.

Pink – Gratitude

Pink roses in general are given to those whom you want to show thankfulness, admiration, and happiness. The different shades of pink can have more precise meanings.

Orange – Desire

Orange roses are given to those whom you want to know better, or those with whom you are proud of.

Yellow – Friendship

Yellow roses express joy, gladness, and friendship. These are given to new mothers, newlyweds, and graduates. These roses are also used as a reminder to a loved one to show that you care.

White – Purity

White roses are given to those who are innocent, reverent, and pure. These are very commonly used in weddings. This can also be given as a sign of secrecy. A white rosebud is signifies girlhood.

Lavender – Enchantment

Lavender roses depict love at first sight. It can also be given to those whom you feel are very unique or those you feel are enchanting.

Quantity implies:

•  Single Bloom Red Rose - Love at first sight or I still love you
•  Single Rose, any other color - Gratitude or simplicity
•  2 Roses - Mutual feelings
•  3 Roses - I Love you
•  7 Roses - I am infatuated with you
•  9 Roses - We will be together forever
•  10 Roses - You are perfect
•  11 Roses - You are my treasured one
•  12 Roses - Be mine
•  13 Roses - Friends forever
•  15 Roses - I am truly sorry
•  20 Roses - I am truly sincere towards you
•  21 Roses - I am dedicated to you
•  24 Roses - Forever yours
•  25 Roses - Congratulations
•  50 Roses - Unconditional love
•  99 Roses -
I will love you for the rest of my life
•  108 Roses - Will you marry me?

Combinations of roses can also show different feelings and emotions:

Red and White - Unity

Red and Yellow - Jovial happiness

Pink and White - Forever love

Orange and Yellow - Passionate thoughts

Pale colors - Sociability and friendship

So, let this Rose Day bloom and blossom your Valentine Week by its freshness and essence.




Loveneet Kaur/Agencies