New Delhi (Jagran News Network): It is very special for all of us. It is the day we await with baited breadths, trembling hands and sweaty palms. A ‘yes’ or ‘no’ has the potential to transform our lives. You can propose your love interest on any of the 365 days of the year, but proposing on this day is significant not because the day is entirely dedicated for this very act but also because your lover is somewhat mentally prepared and hence does not leave you with an indecisive answer.

So how should you propose? There are certain rules that you must keep in mind while giving vent to your heart felt emotions.

Just say it

If you really love a person, just let them know. It is better to have said it and lost than not have said at all. Who knows, you might get the gift of reciprocation or even if you don’t, at least you will be glad you got it out of your heart. Though it pains when the other person responds with a ‘no’, at least you can move on and find yourself someone else.

Say it in style

Who says going down on your knees is cliché now? Girls still love it, and even boys would be flattered to the core if the girls give it a try. There is nothing that makes you as happy as the sight of your beloved begging you for love, on knees with a rose in hand.

Give a hint

It’s better to give a hint beforehand, than to shock your love interest. So, before you finally decide to propose, you must give a prior hint that you are planning to express your feelings and looking forward to a positive response.

Bring a gift

All of us love gifts, and there should be one to mark this special day too. Bring anything, from rose to soft toys and from chocolates to accessories. It would really make a difference!

Accept it with grace

Don’t cry, yell or be upset if you got a ‘no’ in reply. Everyone has a right on his feelings and it can be possible that the person you adore so much simply looks upon you as a friend. So what? Love is sublime. It can exist even without any social tag. Be brave and magnanimous, laugh it off and move one. There would be a propose day, next year too!!!