In the backdrop of somber saga of black money, which has sent ripples across the country, the suggestion of Chief Election Commissioner S Y Quraishi is praiseworthy and deserves earnest attention from all and sundry. He called spade a spade that all political parties should come under gamut of the CAG and there should be an annual audit of their accounts in consonance with the institutions of public sectors. If the political parties are not ready to buy Quraishi’s suggestions, it means they are neither sincere to checkmate corruption nor are they serious on black money issue. The Chief Election Commissioner has said in right perspective that there is a dire need of improving financial dealing of political parties to weed out corruption from the system. The political parties need to set their house in order first, then deliver dos and don’ts for others. It is irony that they are on giving sermons spree to cleanse the system but they are not ready to follow them. The political parties cannot deny the fact that their electoral economy is based on black money which is the potent cause of scams and scandals. It is shocking that the political parties which are destiny makers for the nation, are bogged down in the quagmire of black money. As the political parties swell their coffers with black money, a group of bureaucrats and industrialists also grab the pie. This illegally earned money is generally stashed away in the foreign banks.

The Central government underlines only those deposited black money in overseas banks which are earned from tax evasion. They are reluctant to talk about the money which was salted away from the scams and scandals. It is a futile exercise to expect from the ruling dispensation that they will put stonewall against sources of black money. If the opposition says the UPA-government should take concrete steps against black money, they should second the suggestion of Quraishi on the black money issue. Whatever the political parties may give plea, it is lame excuse that their financial operation is clean and all work is done with the contributions made by supporters. It is palpable that the political parties are run with the money coming from illegal sources and fly by night operations. The trend is set now-a-days that elections are fought with the help of black money. Candidates do not only splurge clandestinely in fighting elections, but also rig the polls by dint of money. There could be many arguments on controlling the criminalization of politics, but there is no any elbow space for further talks on the suggestion made by Quraishi in connection with cleaning financial dealings of political parties. It is better for the political parties to mull on how to make their financial operations more transparent.