These two issues raised in the movie have reflected the ground reality of the apathy and indifference of government and society towards athletes.

Cutting to real life from reel, Kamal Kumar Valmiki, a resident of Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, and a former boxer who won three district-level gold medals, is forced to work as garbage picker due to the laid-back attitude towards sports and sportspersons in India.  

Valmiki, a father of four wanted to be a boxing coach but he did not receive any support from the authorities and to earn bread and butter for the family he had to compromise with his dream to harness new talent in the ring.

His struggle is a live example of how tough life of a sportsperson is in India. Heart-rending story of Valmiki is an alarm for the Sports Ministry and other bodies. His pitiable condition also suggests how a glamorous game like Cricket is casting a dark shadow on other sports.

Rio Olympic-2016 is around the corner and we are hoping for maximum medals. Unless authorities do not provide support to players, expecting a bunch of medals in Olympic or any other big is a far cry from reality.

A sportsperson is a fighter, and so is Valmiki. He says if the government provides the support he will encourage his children to take up boxing.

Written By Raju Kumar/JPN

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