New Delhi: Army Chief Gen V K Singh's action to move the Supreme Court against the government rejecting his claim on his date of birth has drawn varied response from the Congress.

Party spokesperson Abhishek Singhvi distanced the party from the issue saying it is a matter between the person who has gone to the court and the court, while AICC secretary Praveen Davar condemned the move.

"Ex-service officers strongly condemn Army chief's move to go to court. It is not in tune with Army's ethos, tradition and decorum. Chief of Army Staff appears to have been badly advised," Davar said.

Davar, who is Secretary of the Ex-Servicemen Department of the AICC and is himself an ex-Army officer, claimed his view is shared by a large number of ex-Army officers.

Singhvi, however, at the AICC briefing said, "If it has happened, then it is a matter between the concerned persons.. who has gone to the court and the court. Where is the question of us commenting on it? What comment a political party will make on it."

He had initially refused to make any comment saying he was not aware of it when reporters sought his reaction to the unprecedented development.

In his writ petition, Gen Singh is believed to have questioned the government's decision to treat his date of birth as May 10,1950 instead of May 10,1951 as claimed by him on the basis of his matriculation certificate and other documents.

The fact that there are different views in the Congress on the issue became evident when party general secretary Digvijay Singh had in a tweet on December 31 commented "Very unfortunate Gen VK Singh one of the most honest Army Officers has to retire for a mistaken date of birth in his record."

Singh's support to the Army chief was not isolated.

A letter written by former Punjab Chief Minister and PCC chief Amrinder Singh had also surfaced a few days back in which the Congress leader had strongly backed the Army chief.

The party, had, however, distanced itself from his comments and Amrinder had also later described his views on the issue as that made in "individual" capacity.

A section of party leaders, speaking on the condition of anonymity, had been maintaining earlier that it would have been better had the controversy not been allowed to go this far and that it would be really embarrassing if the Supreme Court gives some decision against the government's stand.